Importance Of Employee Manual For All Employees

Do Employers Need An Employee Manual ?

An employee manual, sometimes also called as employee policy or employee handbook is very important document stating the company policy and how the business is conducted. It is used as a communication tool between employer and employee, outlining the expectation from the employer and what their employees need to conform to, such as job description, HR related matters, insurance policy, holiday arrangement, paid time off policy, grievance process and many other rules and regulations. 

By using this employee manual, employer can give a clear advice to every single employee in a fair and consistent manner. Otherwise there could be a possibilities of law suit situations where misunderstandings arise and either party can’t take the correct responsibilities.

sample employee manuals

When a new hire is made, this employee manual will be included in the welcome package. As an official communication method, it is expected for all new hires to go through the procedure and right process to handle any dispute or problematic situation during the employment period.

In case you are running a company, you might want to speak with an experience business and employment lawyer to set up employee hiring procedure and handbook system.

Five Reasons Why You Need An Employee Manual

1 – Employers will clearly define that the employment connection is at-will, giving the employee notice of what the scope, nature and working relationship is. It helps to reduce or eliminate any wrongful termination claims.

2 – Provisions to the system and/or manner of submitting grievances along with any disciplinary procedure that give employees the right venue to air out their concerns and enforce an impartial ways to discipline delinquent employees.

3 – Retaliation, harassment and discrimination policies help to protect the employer from any legal liability if an employee files a lawsuit. Make sure you get familiar with anti discrimination laws at feferal and state level.

4 – Data on set payday, set work hours along with policies on holidays, overtime, sick pay and vacation so the employer is not paying out unfair wage claims.

5 – Employer can set specific code of conduct and behavior for employees including dress code, absentee/tardiness and provide employees with a guide on what they need to avoid so they don’t get fired.

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