Corporate forms

Application for Reservation of Corporate Name

Articles of Incorporation

Assignment of Stock Certificate


Buyout Agreement

Certificate Of Incorporation

Joint Venture Agreement

Minutes of the annual meeting of shareholders

Medical Corporation Legal Compliance Checklist

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors

Minutes of the First Meeting of the Board of Directors

Modification Agreement

Notice of Transfer of Reserved Name


Ratification of Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Shareholders Agreement

In U.S every corporation must keep the required vital documents in the form of corporate minutes of shareholder and director meetings. If any of those proper records are missing, then it becomes a liability for the shareholders. Also it is required by most jurisdictions that a corporation hold annual shareholders’ meetings as well as their board of directors have an annual meeting, where they will have to make a few decision such as business policies and plans, stock sales volume, approval of mergers, sales, exchange, profit-sharing and company loans.