Legal Guardianship forms

If you would like to become a legal guardian to a child, you should file legal papers in court. You can get those legal forms from local stationery, bookstore. If it is an emergency case where you need to become a guardian immediately, you can also file a temporary legal guardianship papers with court. There are temporary guardianship forms available where you can get other legal guardianship forms. Once you fill out the legal forms and file them with court, then a court investigator will begin interview process with you and the child. In case the child's parents are still alive and available, they might get interviewed as well. After the interview, the investigator will make a recommendation to judge and the court hearing will be scheduled where the judge will review and make a decision on whether you can become a guardian or not. The guardianship will be granted by the court if it is the child's best interests after all. You don't have to hire a lawyer to become a legal guardian, but it will make your job very easy because filling out court forms and preparing all necessary documents takes a lot of time and energy. And in most cases many people make mistakes. Also it would be beneficial for your lawyer to help you present your case to the court on behalf of you, dealing with any unforseen circumstances such as objection to your being guardianship. Read more about guardianship process.