What Your Attorney Needs To Know: Common Items Seen In Child Custody Cases

A child custody battle is stressful for everybody involved – parents and children. If you’re to get the best possible outcome during this time, you need to speak with an attorney and let them know specific information so that the case can be argued favorably for you. It’s tempting to retain some of the information for yourself. However, there are some things a child custody lawyer needs to know if things are to be resolved quickly and for the best.


Children are affected by people who are always around them. Therefore, they need to know what the living arrangements for everybody will be.  You need to demonstrate, if you want custody of the children, that your environment will be safe and nurturing. You should speak to the children and other adults in the home or those of your former spouse and how the children relate to these folks.

If you’re not divorced but already involved with another person, the chances of this being disclosed in a court of law are high. Let your lawyer know this information upfront so that they’re not caught by surprise in court.

Domestic Violence

Your attorney should be made aware of any domestic violence history. When there have been domestic violence charges, the absent parent will often be required to have supervised visitation until the judge orders it otherwise. The sooner this can be worked out, the sooner you can petition the court to gain custody of your children.

Investigations Of Other Issues

It’s not uncommon for parents to become the target of a government agency investigation:

•    Neglect
•    Abuse
•    Truancy

Your attorney needs to know if you’ve been involved in one of these investigations. When you do this, he/she can talk with the agency for you and come up with a plan based on the data they get from their conversations.

Delinquent Child Support

Despite the fact that child custody and child support are two different issues, delinquent child support can be a hindrance in gaining custody of the children. Be sure you talk with your attorney on how best to catch up with the arrears so that being delinquent isn’t an issue when it’s time for the matter to go to court.

Whenever a child is involved with a divorce matter, you should always have an attorney by your side, arguing your case. Always be honest with them about the happenings in your life so that when your case is heard before a judge, they are not taking by surprise. They’ll also be able to come up with a strategy that will help you win your case or have the best possible outcome for it.