Legal Separation

Separation in marital terms means that the husband and wife are living apart, not communicating each other. Although it is not a requirement for them to obtain a divorce, usually husband and wife go through this process as a prior step. In some states, there are certain grounds that both parties should live apart for a specified period of time in order to legally divorce in the end.

Legal Separation is a preliminary step before the court awards a divorce decision to the parties. It does not put an ened to the marriage. During a legal separation period, each party has a court order that outlines the rights and responsibilities of each other party while they are living apart. Usually the husband and wife have their own laws regarding the period of separation in a written document, thus making the separation a part of the court order. Each state has its own law and regulations about the period of separation to meet divorce requirement.

If you are neither married nor divorced, legal separation can be a solution to many legal issues such as child custody, guardianship and support, visitation schedules and spousal support, taxes and debt issues surrounding marital situation. It can also help you find a base for considering your eventual divorce settlement. All states except Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and Texas recognize legal separation as a legal document.

Like many other lawsuit cases, seeking a legal separation decree from the court is a very expensive process and not everyone can afford the high cost to the lawyers. Free legal separation maintenance forms are available for the couples who would like to settle the legal issues between them, but would not necessarily want to end their marriage yet. They don't want to make a final decision of divorce due to many reasons such as religious, financial or personal, one party can still be covered under the other party's benefits plan. In each U.S state, the judgmental order of separate maintenance is being governed by local state law.

If they can come to an agreement about how to divide marital properties, how to deal with child custody and spousal maintenance and debts management during the marriage period, then they might not need a lawyer's consultation. Free Legal Forms are available and easily downloadable from this site for your convenience. Research more and you will surely find the right type of forms that you need.