Divorce Settlements

When a couple agrees mutually and gets a divorce, there are few things that they need to consider regarding their surrounding situation. They will have to decide who will be responsible for the joint debts, if any, and who will get the joint property at what percentage. For this, there is a legal form called divorce settlement agreement where it will outline the scope of responsibility on the child custody, division of property and debts and alimony.

For that matter, a couple can have two different choices. Either they can decide and handle it between both parties or hire two separate lawyers to speak on behalf of each party and let the judge decide which one is the best solution.

Usually you can walk out ahead both financially and emotionally, if you can handle with your spouse and make a mutual agreement. In most cases, marital property will be split 50/50 and child support will be determined by income level of either party. Unless one party is fully dishonest or hiding income and assets of his/her own, there won’t be much advantage to fighting over the issue as it could increase frustration and disappointment eventually.

In many states the court will order financial support obligation for the spouse, once the divorce process is settled. This is because no party is left behind the financial burden, whether it is husband or wife, while the other party is still generating income that was supposed to be used towards the whole family. This is critical because thus far one of the parties usually kept maintaining inside house, raising children, preparing meals and there has been no time for them to work outside. Therefore by law, the basic support obligation is ordered to keep the family survive even after the divorce.

Another thing to consider is that there could be a lot of legal issues involved in the divorce situation when deciding who will take what. Alimony is tax deductible item to the tax payer but taxable to the recipient. For the child support and property settlements, it is not the case. Also handling the matter of each party’s pension plans could be very complicated depending on the condition that they originally signed upon.

The best way is to hire divorce lawyer and get an advice for a divorce if you have more than just a minimal property jointly. That way you can get out of the hassle of being concerned with your rights on anything that you own, and they can tell you how the entire divorce process can become simple as they have been working for the specific matter for a long time.

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