Wage Garnishments: What Are They and What Can Be Done About Them

When you cannot pay your bills, creditors must try to do what they can to collect the monies you owe to them.  One option at their disposal is to attain the writ of garnishment against you and garnish your wages.  If you’re having difficulties making ends meet, how can you get by when a creditor garnishes 25 percent from your paycheck?

Can A Bankruptcy Eliminate A Garnishment?

Many folks throughout the United States have considered filing for bankruptcy so they can have their full hard-earned wages back. Many of those who are currently experiencing a garnishment are looking for help from a debt relief professional. After all, it’s cheaper to hire a debt relief expert or bankruptcy attorney to deal with the matter than to have one’s wages garnished every month until it’s completely paid off.

A garnishment can hinder you having a calm peace of mind for many years. The best thing you should do is contact and employ the best possible bankruptcy attorney to get them to able you eliminate the garnishment. If you have a garnishment right now, be sure to talk with a lawyer today to get it taken care off. You probably still have time to act and some options at your disposal to deal with the wage garnishment.

4 Answers To The Common Types Of Wage Garnishment

- Speak with a debt relief expert
- File for Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy
- Debt consolidation to avoid possible garnishment of wages
- Debt negotiation

After a creditor gets their Writ of Garnishment, the interest in negotiating the account with you is very little. The reason is that the creditor is in control after the collection gets into the garnishment process. The quickest way to get relief is to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop the wage garnishment.

Once it’s been filed, the garnishments will stop and you’ll be given some time to get the debts reorganized and structure out a new payment plan for those obligations you want to continue to pay. Whatever you decide, you need the assistance of a bankruptcy attorney or debt relief expert to assist you.

Here’s what you need to understand about a wage garnishment: just because one is started, does not mean it’s too late to stop it. Get in touch with a wage garnishment lawyer either before or while the garnishment is in place. 

This type of legal maneuver makes it difficult for people to pay for the everyday living expenses. Protect yourself and your hard-earned cash with a wage garnishment lawyer today. Be sure your rights are protected!