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July 2015
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Should You Have More Than One Alien Number

Posted By on March 15, 2015

Immigrants should have just one alien number during the course of the immigration process, with that same number being placed on the naturalization certificate. In recent years, complaints have surfaced about applicants receiving more than one number – one on their employment card and another on their green card.

If you see that your green card alien number is different from the previously issued alien number on the employment card, you need to ensure the error is rectified right away. For example, you can send in a Form I-90 and mark the box for the service mistake due to a USCIS error. There’s no reason to send a filing fee but you do need to follow all the instructions as laid out on the I-90 form.

Some people really don’t want to mail back their green card… understandably. If this is you, people can write the USCIS a letter, requesting them to merge the two numbers into one file. Keep a copy of the letter, and send them the original through certified mail to prove that you did, in fact, send them a letter. After mailing the letter, call USCIS at 1-800-375-5283. Always have the letter for your records because there may not be a record of your phone call to the agency.

Make sure that you list all alien numbers you were given on applicants until one of two things happen:

• The numbers were merged into one file
• A new green card has been issued with the right alien number