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Private Conversations Need To Be Held Offline and Certainly Away From Social Media Sites

There is an array of social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LiveJournal, etc. And, each one of these sites has altered the way people connect with each other, regardless if it’s with their family, friends, co-workers, boss, etc. For most users of these sites, the daily life details have become quite public… sometimes with major consequences.

Social Media’s Impact On Privacy Rights

While the sites do allow people to connect to people in ways never imagined, they can also pose some challenges when it comes to respecting privacy. A person who fails to see that these challenges can and will negatively impact their life online and offline. It can cause marital conflict and provide a divorce attorney with ammunition in divorce negotiations.

In an American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers survey, and since 2005, 81 percent of divorce lawyers have seen a rise in the number of cases that involve social media website evidence. Users of social media sites tend to post pictures, messages and other kinds of material that might affect them negatively in a divorce settlement negotiation.

Often times, users are confused by a social media’s privacy settings. They may think that their online activities are private or put too much trust in mutual friends. For example, vacation photos could specify that a spouse is either cheating or avoiding spousal payments.

Searching for and using evidence regarding this kind of behavior through the Internet is not at all unfair or underhanded. People who use social media websites open themselves as well as their behavior to the scrutiny of the public. Since most people use social media every day, the use of this evidence is fairly common in divorce cases.

The Privacy/Public Line Blends On Social Media Websites

One part of the challenge comes from the unique private and public nature of the majority of these social networking sites. People who are going through a divorce usually turn to friends for support. Unfortunately, these friends are also on Facebook, which blinds the line between private and public for many folks. The best way not to get caught up in the mess is to save the very private conversations until you’re face to face with the person you want to talk to or at least in a private area to talk to by phone.

If you know a person, or perhaps even yourself, are going through a divorce, it’s important to speak with an experienced divorce lawyer who can investigate any possible source of incriminating and favorable evidence such as what can be found on social media sites. Hiring an experienced attorney will make sure that your interests are taken care of and protected during the entire process.

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