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Helpful tips to choose an effective lawyer at the court

Being able to choose a good lawyer to help you win a legal battle is a tough task in itself. When the legal battle involves either a complicated medical situation after the car accident or financial crisis along with family divorce, then the entire process from beginning to the end will become even more difficult and it usually requires lengthy time, energy and emotional turmoil.

The following tips will help you in determining whether or not a lawyer is good enough to win you a legal battle in any case.

Tip # 1 – Follow your instincts. Most of us tend to feel at home when in the company of some people or during a conversation with them even though our interaction could be for the very first time. In case you do not feel comfortable interacting with the prospective lawyer, look for another one.

Tip # 2 – Do considerable research about the lawyer’s or his or her firm’s case history. Understand the success rate of your prospective lawyer and his/her firm. Review the brochures and website of the firm carefully and ask for references of people who have availed the services of your lawyer or his/her firm before.

Tip # 3 – Always look for firms and lawyers that are inclined to provide the best customer service available in the market.

Tip # 4 – Most of the firms have the policy of clubbing similar cases together and assigning such cases to a single or a group of lawyers. Avoid this and demand an individual lawyer to attend to your case independently.

Tip # 5 – Request your legal firm to designate a lawyer who has previous experience in successfully fighting a specific case. Medical litigations demand an in-depth understanding of the medical conditions and a particular condition demands an even deeper understanding in more details.

Tip # 6 – A lawyer who has considerable trial experience gives you the added advantage of being in the driver’s seat when the question of bargaining or an out of court settlement arises.

Tip # 7 – Find a lawyer that has got good exposure and training in effective negotiation skills. You can determine the degree of your lawyer’s negotiation skills by reviewing his or her previous settlement track record and success rate.

Tip # 8 – Request your legal firm to divulge details about any of the strategic partners that your firm might be aligned with. The nature and experience of such partners will go a long way in determining how well your case could be built in order to garner the best possible settlement option.

Tip # 9 – Work with only those firms that charge fees as a pre-determined and mutually agreed percentage of the total sum of recovery. This arrangement is termed as “contingency fee” basis and protects you from all financial risks that may arise because of any “hidden” costs during the course of the litigation.

Tip # 10 – Always settle for an AARP approved lawyer. While AARP lawyers are of the highest quality, all AARP members can avail a 20% discount in standard legal fees when hiring the services of an AARP approved lawyer.

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