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Growing interest in the immigration law among college students

Due to the recent changes and growing uncertainty about immigration policy with new U.S administration, it is now becoming noticeable for the college students who would like to put their interests in this field of immigration law. This second effect created a rise in the potential applicants pool towards law degree graduate school, as well as undergraduate level classe registrations.

Some colleges have already running a type of clinic whereas law field students are providing an advice on a wide range of issues that are related to civil courts. This is not a professional service or should not be taken as a legally binding contract. However it is helpful to those who do not have any certain background or knowledge in this matter, when an unexpected incidents should happen to their families.

Following the new administration’s announcement on September 5th, it is now ending the program that would protect about 800,000 undocumented youth brought into the country illegally as children. But DACA recipients whose permits expire before March 5 can apply for a renewal by Oct. 5, and there are efforts to pass legislation to protect those young immigrants generations.

The members of the council would come in this step and they are offering a legal clinic for DACA recipients to be educated in renewing the permits and to understand the available options as alternatives. It is not clear how many DACA recipients are out there, as colleges and universities are not required to ask the questions and students are not obligated to report either. But it is being acknowledged that people who are eligible to renew have been taking advantage of this helpful session and getting assistance.

To those students it is also a good opportunity to provide legal assistance as well as to gain a learning experience to help those who are in need. Due to its nature of changing every four years of new administrations, the immigration law is becoming interesting field to study and get on the top of it.

Maybe for those who would like to pursue this area of study in their future, right now would be a good time to go into this immigration law and help out people.

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