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DUI and possibility of deportation for immigration applicant?

Summer is getting hot and best time of the year to get outdoor and have fun with friends and the nature. Often times there will be alcohol serving parties and it becomes problem when the subsequent DUI related accident involved thereafter. What’s more problematic is that the person is still holding foreign nationality and in the middle of immigration process. Now if he/she got involved DUI related charges, would he/she be a candidate for revoke of what was already filed at INS as the result of crime involving moral turpitude (CIMT)?

Well the initial review of simple DUI case would be telling that it wouldn’t be considered as serious as it sounds like, however there are always unknown factors that could be referenced later at the table of the judge. If there are any further specific evidences that followed the accident, which involved any of the categories of crime, offenses against other people’s body or properties, it would be definitely considered as harmful activities, therefore arrest, detention and application removal proceeding could be followed.

In any circumstances, damaging others in U.S territories will be only negative effects whether the person is involved in DUI or not. Fighting at the bar while he/she was drunken is a good example. There will be double charges that will be enough to danger the process of immigration application. Also any adultery misdemeanors such as assault, prostitution or possession of child pornography will be another case that could lead into violation of such boundary, thus becomes the risky case.

So the best way not to delay the visa or immigration application process would be not to be involved in such questionable charges in the first place. Try to avoid anything seems to be illegal and stay within the safe law boundaries. Because as soon as the stamping officers at the U.S border see his/her past violation history records, then they will start questioning about the eligibility and they actually do have authority not to allow the foreign national person. Same rule goes with a foreign national with an arrest record who is going to file I-130 or I-485. During the review process, or at the end of interview state, the admission officers could ask for additional proof that the applicant is safe to be accepted to Unites States, and it is all legal to make such judgement based off of his/her past years of arrest records.

DUI conviction and charge is nothing but a cause of issues that could at least delay the process of immigration application, if not become a serious one. So try not to be involved in any legal violation at any case, and consult immigration lawyer immediately if such accident happens.

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