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Guardian ad Litem Will Work Hard To Protect Children’s Interest During A Custody Dispute

The majority of family court judges hate the idea of having children in court to testify during child custody hearings .The reason is that the parents are already stressed out from the custody case and it further stresses the children out. However, a Guardian ad Litem (or GAL) is a knowledgeable family law attorney that the court will appoint to represent the children’s best interests in cases where child custody is disputed.

What Is The Role Of A Court-Appointed Guardian ad Litem

The appointed GAL will take time with the children and interview them. They’ll put together their thoughts about the children’s relationship with the parents and look at the custodial situation. There are some cases where the children will express their preference of living with one parent instead of the other – something they may not tell their parents. The GAL will talk with the parents and handle the plans for custody and visitation, education issues, living arrangements and more.

After some investigation into the case, the GAL will report the findings and provide their recommendations to the court. A written report will be made available to each parents’ attorney. However, the report is not binding in court; but, a judge will often look at and weigh the GAL’s recommendations.

It’s important you know what the GAL’s role is in the child custody case you are involved in. Many parents see the GAL as an enemy. And, during interviews with the GAL, some parents will make hurtful comments about the other parent. The role of a GAL is not to favor either parent but rather get an opinion as to what is in the children’s best interest. After the children, not the parents, are their clients.

Be sure you’re respectful to the GAL at all times. And, never get emotional about the relationship with the children, the other parents and the children’s relationship with the other parent. The GAL will make an assumption that making hurtful, disrespectful comments about the other parent in front of them means you’ll also do it in front of the children.

Whenever you’re in a child custody case, it’s in your child’s best interest to have a GAL.

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