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3 Kinds Of Child Custody Judges Can Grant To Parents

If you’re in the process of getting divorced and have children, then you have child custody issues to contend with. A divorce is a very trying, difficult time and the situation if often made worse and more complex because of children. It’s not just about the two people; the children must be considered during the divorce process.

Here is what you need to understand: each decision that’s made will affect the child in one way or another. And, there are numerous issues that could arise that make it harder for your child including child custody and child support. Any decisions based on these issues must be made with great diligence and care because it affects a child.

3 Types Of Child Custody During A Divorce

1 – Physical Custody

The physical custody is the most common kind of child custody. If the court grants you physical custody of the child, it means the child will live with you. Some states allow the parents to share joint custody of a child for a specified time period. This type of custody is best when the parents live near one another and the child spends quality time with both parents. Joint custody allows the child to be with his/her mom and dad and keep the regular routine.

2 – Legal Custody

If you’re granted legal custody of your children, you have the right to make the important decisions in regard to their upbringing, education and health. When you have legal custody, you get to choose what school the child goes to, what religion he/she practices, what kind of medical care the child gets, etc.

Many states award joint legal custody to splitting couples. When awarded a joint legal custody, you and your ex must work together to make the important decisions in regards to the child’s care.

3 – Sole Custody

Judges will award sole custody to a parent if that parent proves the other parent is not fit to be with the child or is unable to take care of him/her properly. The best way to get sole custody of a child is to prove the other child is unfit. Sole custody may also be awarded in cases where the parent has moved in with a partner who is deemed unfit.

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