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How Senior Citizens Can Protect Themselves with modern technology

All too often, the elderly are victims of scam artists and identity thieves. Thus, it is vitally important – if you are reaching your golden years – to protect your assets. Sit down with a good attorney in your local area and learn what is you must do to protect yourself from these cons.

Online Financial Abuse

Of course, every individual must be personally responsible in protecting their assets and themselves. As a senior, it’s imperative they protective themselves from elder financial abuse. There are several ways in which older folks are financial abused. One such financial abuse is through the Internet. There are an infinite number of scams that target senior citizens.

If someone approaches you on the Internet about how you can make a fortune with their help but you have to give them some money first, stop all communication immediately. You’ll know a scam when you see it: There’s no reason to get 1 percent on that CD when the investment we pay you is 10 percent. Based on the circumstances, you should consider getting in touch with the authorities.

Identity Theft

You must also protect yourself from identity theft. Many people do business through the Internet, which means their personal information is out in cyberspace. You need to ensure that your private information is just that… private! You don’t want anyone to have access to it so be sure your secure your passwords.

Other kinds of personal information, such as medical records, social security records are good targets for those who want to steal them and manipulate at a later time. So try not to give out all the information to whoever wants them. Ask for more details and the reason that they require them.

Phone Scams

Often times, bad people won’t come with ugly face. They will be very nice and look to be just as legitimate as any other social workers or bankers. They can come as insurance agents, charity representatives or even government agencies, by either phone or direct access by knocking the door. So be extra cautious whenever you answer unknown caller on the phone, or even if they leave a voice mail on your machine. Sometimes scams really happen when you actually return the call on the voicemail. Then they pick up the phone when you dial in, and start their scheme of scenario to get you caught in their fraud net.

Monitoring Service

Another thing you should think about is investing in a monitoring service. There are several reputable companies that monitor people’s identities and make them aware of any kind of unauthorized activities occurring with their identity. This is a level of security that can be extremely effective.

Yes, the Internet has certainly made life easier. However, you must be aware of those folks who want to take advantage of other people. With some common sense, you can keep your nose clean and your identity safe while surfing the ‘Net.

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